Jenelle Evans may be known for her role on “Teen Mom 2” but the reality star is always making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Jenelle is one of the two moms on the show that can't seem to help herself when it comes to getting into trouble. Over the past couple of years she's been arrested numerous times and her rap sheet is longer than her list of mugshots.

At one point she had over 10 mugshots and she wasn't exactly proud of her accomplishments. However, Evans has turned her life around and she's currently living in a custom home, is engaged to a man she loves, and has two children in her care.

She's currently sharing custody of little Jace with her mother Barbara based on a recent court ruling.

It is no secret that Jenelle Evans is doing very well because of her success with “Teen Mom 2." Without MTV and the paycheck she receives for filming the show, one has to wonder where Jenelle would be today. It is questionable that she would even be in court fighting for her son Jace, as she may not have had the money to get a lawyer. But it sounds like the “Teen Mom” show is actually helping her because she recently teased that there may be a spinoff show in the works for her. None of the other “Teen Mom” girls from any franchise have received spinoff shows about their lives, so if this is indeed true then she would be the first out of all of the girls to get her own show.

Spin-off show could put Jenelle Evans in positive light

There are two reasons why Jenelle Evans may be getting her own show. For one, she lashed out at an MTV producer not too long ago, saying that she was tired of always being portrayed in a negative light. She blames the editing and she also said that the new president of MTV really enjoyed putting her in a bad light on the show.

She didn't appreciate that she was always the negative person who was always arguing with her mother. All of the other girls seemed to be put in a positive light, including Chelsea Houska, who was struggling to get child support from Adam Lind and had found love with a new man. Jenelle also found love with a new man, but producers kept focusing on her criminal past.

Jenelle lashed out on social media, saying that she would start her own show on YouTube. For a while, she would film herself and gather materials that she would later edit and upload to YouTube. However, the show never happened and many fans wondered why she didn't follow through with her promise. It could be because of her contract with MTV that states that she can't film another show that could make her money. This was an issue that Farrah Abraham ran into a couple of years ago and she got into a heated argument with MTV producer Larry Musnik.

Jenelle Evans wants to get away from Barbara

The other reason why Jenelle may want to get a spin-off show is that of her mother, Barbara. During the previous season of “Teen Mom 2," Jenelle Evans accused her mother of using her and creating drama around the custody of Jace, simply to get a paycheck from MTV.

During one of the final episodes of the season, Jenelle was proven right when Barbara made a huge scene over Jace and Evans spending time together. Evans told producers that she refused to film with her mother because she was using her simply to get a paycheck. If Jenelle gets a spinoff from MTV, one can imagine that her mother will not be appearing.

Do you suspect that Jenelle Evans will be getting her own spin-off show? If so, do you think she would ever allow her mother to film with her?