bethenny frankel is one busy woman. She runs her Skinnygirl empire from her New York office and she's constantly on the go with various projects. Not only is she going to be a guest judge on “Shark Tank” next season, but she's also launching her own show with Fredrik Eklund from “Million Dollar Listing New York”.

The duo will team up in a real-estate themed show for Bravo where they buy real estate and then flip it. But Bethenny is also the mother of a young daughter and her daughter Bryn actually comes before everything else that's going on her life.

People may not realize that only daughter is such a huge part of her life because Frankel doesn't film with her for “The Real Housewives of New York”. Her ex-husband Jason Hoppy doesn't want Bryn on the reality show, so fans of the show only get to see Bethenny with her “Real Housewives of New York” co-stars and when she's working on her Skinnygirl business.

However, her daughter is actually a huge part of her life and when Bryn is with her every other week, she actually refuses to film for Bravo. And as it turns out, Bethenny is actually a pretty hands-on mother and she gets up every morning to pack a lunch for her daughter.

Bethenny Frankel is teaching her daughter healthy eating habits

According to a new interview with PEOPLE magazine, Bethenny reveals that she actually gets up every morning and packs Bryn’s lunch every day.

It's very important for Bethenny that her daughter eats well, so she creates some healthy lunch options for her daughter that include turkey, cheese and lots of protein.

“I pack Bryn’s lunch every day. I put the turkey and the cheese or the ham and cheese on a whole wheat wrap every day,” Bethenny revealed in an interview with PEOPLE.

Bryn even shuns Friday pizza days in favor of her mom's homemade meal, she added.

Frankel even revealed that her daughter actually doesn't participate in Friday pizza day at her school, because she prefers her mother's lunches instead. One can imagine the Frankel is quite proud of her daughter for making such healthy choices since Bethenny is known as the Skinnygirl creator.

But it may be very easy for Frankel to make sure that her daughter has some lunch healthy lunches in her backpack every day because Frankel has launched her very own deli meat line through her Skinnygirl business brand. As she has once explained, she found that the deli options available in the supermarkets were packed with sodium and she had no desire of giving her daughter things that were not good for her body.

Bethenny Frankel's deli meat idea pays off for healthy lunches

So she decided to expand her Skinnygirl empire, which already includes alcohol and yoga equipment, to now include deli meats. And many people are loving this expansion because now they know that they're eating healthy protein-packed meats.

It is admirable that Bethenny is taking so much time off for her daughter, especially since she's a very busy businesswoman. Many women look up to Bethenny because she's able to balance her work life and her private life so well, giving her daughter plenty of attention when they're together and yet making millions of dollars when she's working. And that's why fans love to see her on “The Real Housewives of New York”.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel's dedication to her daughter Bryn? Are you surprised that she gets up every morning to make a healthy lunch that she can bring to school?