Episode 8 of "iZombie" season 3, named “Eat a Knievel,” will show Liv as she eats the brain of a daredevil, definitely unleashing her wild side and her desire for a real high. In the meantime, Blaine will return to his old plans following current improvements. According to the synopsis published online for this new chapter, Liv receives the brain with her new zombie lover, Justin (T. Chirisa), and the adventure brings them nearer to one another.

Highlights and plot of the last episode

In the last episode, Justin, and Major got a request from their manager. He notified them that zombie antagonist Harley (A.

Caldwell) was going to their place. Justin and Major worked to stop his car with the aid of a spike tape. Major, with a veil masking his face, said Bo Johns (J. Pizzinato) and Harley, that they weren't thought to be riding on a private street. When questioned what they were doing there, Harley replied that they were going to a party. But when Major noticed that there was duct tape and a blood pressure cup at the back of their positions, the siblings decided to escape and went over Justin in the manner. The next episode 8 is set to show Liv as she operates on a new case, which will assist her to eat the brain of an ex-daredevil. This will take her closer to her current boyfriend Justin. It appears that Liv is set to unleash her wild team as she gets on death-defying and wild stunts with her new persona.

The trailer for the new episode shows Liv breaking a can with her head and doing “Jackass-style” jokes to feed her adrenaline charge. In the meantime, Blaine will start to regress back to his old plans in the imminent new chapter. Also in episode 7, named "Dirt Nap Time," Blaine admitted to Peyton (A. Michalka) that he was not really suffering from memory decline and was only giving it up.

This directed to the two breaking up.

Episode 8 trailer and interviews

In a conversation with TV Line, Rob Thomas, producer of the TV series, illustrates what occurs to Blaine's role in the next episodes of "iZombie". "He is furious, and he is returning to his old plans, but things aren't going to get better for Blaine." He continues, "Blaine also has some secrets to come.

But rather, we are going to view the Blaine we all love and know: original bad person Blaine.

Episode 8 of “iZombie” Season 3 will air on The CW on Tuesday, May 23 at 9.00 pm EST. Stay tuned for more news and spoilers of "iZombie" and other TV Series.

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