All fans of “The Blacklist” knew that at least one person had to die at the end of season 4. Just who would it be was a bigger question. It turned out there were two major deaths at the end of the season, along with the expected contingency plan being released. Just what does it all mean for season 5 when the show returns in the fall?

Two excellently portrayed women die in ‘The Blacklist’

Let’s get the two main character deaths out of the way. The first is a character we have come to love since almost the very beginning. We’re talking about our favorite cleaner-turned-traitor Mr.

Kaplan. This really wasn’t that surprising, as Kate and Red had been at loggerheads throughout the season. It was about time that they met face-to-face again.

Mr. Kaplan had a fitting end. She opted to kill herself to make sure her contingency plan was released and Liz would learn the truth about why Red came into her life four years ago. Red believes that Mr. Kaplan’s contingency plan isn’t going to work, but we found out at the end that it certainly would.

The other death is the bad guy of the last two seasons. Laurel Hitchin finally met her maker at the hands of Donald Ressler. It was about time, especially for Ressler who knew that Hitchin had murdered Reven Wright.

Aram stands by his colleagues

There was the possibility of Aram betraying his friends. After being offered immunity if he testified against his task force colleagues, it looked like he was going to take it. In the end, he chose to stand by his friends and fans get the one thing they’ve waited for since season 2: Amar and Samar kiss.

It’s about time people!

Julian Gale’s case implodes on him, especially as Aram refuses to testify. Aram is fine with being held in contempt of court to put his friends first. It’s an excellent storyline for Aram but does set up a major storyline around the task force for the fifth season.

The contingency plan is underway

As for Mr.

Kaplan’s contingency plan, Red and Dembe believe that Liz finding out that Red is (possibly) her father has kept the full secret hidden. However, it turns out that Tom was the key to this. He retrieves a suitcase of skeletons that we’re led to believe are Liz’s mothers. It turns out that Red may have had something more to do with Katarina’s death.

Everything is set up for an extremely exciting “The Blacklist” season 5. Don’t forget that the show returns on a new night and at a new time: Wednesdays at 8 p.m.