"Pirates of the Carribean" star Johnny Depp reportedly has an excessive money addiction. He is addicted to overspending and reportedly spends around $2 Million dollars a Month on his very extravagant lifestyle.

What it costs to drink like Johnny Depp is going to blow your mind!

So, how does one manage to spend $2 million a month? Reports reveal that Johnny owns 14 homes, and not just your regular everyday, ordinary homes that the majority of people live in, but mansions that require an entire staff to care for. It has been stated that the 40 employees, staff and security cost Depp over $300,000 a month for their services.

Depp has been said to have spent $75 million dollars alone on the purchase and furnishings of the 14 homes that are located in France, Kentucky, Los Angeles and the Bahamas, to name a few spots.

Johnny Depp: Is he a celebrity hoarder?

Depp also owns a giant fleet of luxury cars, a massive yacht, and a private, deluxe plane to travel in at will. Back to his wine, it is listed that J-Depp spends around $30,000 a month on wine that he drinks himself from his favorite winerys located all over the world.

He also enjoys very expensive jewelry and collecting odd memorabilia which includes a dress once belonging to Marilyn Monroe, and hundreds of pieces of art from artists Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Depp appears to be somewhat of a hoarder also, forking over cash each month for 12 storage buildings to keep his treasures housed in.

Depp appears to have a very generous heart also, spending millions taking care of family and friends over the years, purchasing his late mom a multi-million dollar mansion and paying her final expenses, including $35,000 a month for medical care in her final months.

However, Johnny's strangest expense is listed as spending millions to fulfill his friend Hunter S. Thompson’s final wish of having his ashes scattered by a specially-made cannon over Aspen.

However, Johnny Depp's free and easy spending habits have caused him some financial distress according to Radar Online, and the actor has filed a $25 million suit against his business managers, The Mandel Company, alleging "gross mismanagement" of his finances.

Depp claims his business reps did not pay Uncle Sam, and loaned out his cash. He also revealed that he had no knowledge of these actions until last year.

Can you imagine living as Johnny Depp financially even for just a month?