Hey, "Grey's Anatomy" peeps, we've got some heavy, life changing news for Owen, and more in this upcoming episode 23 of season 13. Thanks to ABC's latest press release, there's some other intense storyline spoiler scoops that we have to share with you guys. Apparently, the doctors are going to encounter a really dangerous patient that makes things quite difficult for them! There's going to be a very startling discovery that gets made by Alex!

"True Colors"

We've also got an official title confirmation from them. They decided to call this one: "True Colors." They began this description by making sure to tell us that the doctors of Grey Sloan will, indeed, be forced to make very difficult decisions at some point, and they highlighted it in all caps.

So, I'm thinking that this will, most likely, be the storyline that gets the most attention. One thing's for sure. It's going to get real intense.

Really difficult case

They gave us more details about it, saying that a very dangerous patient will be on the scene, and it's going to create a really difficult case for the doctors to have to deal with. Who is this crazy, dangerous patient? And just how dangerous will he or she be? These are the obvious, big questions for this storyline. They didn't tell us anything else about it, so this patient will remain a mystery until the episode airs unless they give us a glimpse in the new preview clip that we expect ABC to release right after episode 22 airs tonight.

Be on the lookout for that.

Amelia supports

Next, the let us know that we'll see some pretty heavy stuff from Owen at one point, because he's going to find out about something that will be so significant that it will be freaking life-changing! This will also cause Amelia to come into the picture and step in to offer him some support.

Of course, the big questions, here, is: what in the hell could this life-changing news be? And how is Owen going to react? I suspect that this storyline is going to give us some very dramatic scenes to say the least.

A medical conference

Finally, we've got some pretty wild-sounding stuff from Alex in this last teaser. Apparently, we're going to see him stumble upon a very shocking discovery when he shows up at a medical conference!

What is this surprising discovery? Will Alex keep it to himself? Or will he tell everyone he can? Those are the burning questions that we hope to see get answered in this episode. We'll also be seeing a guest appearance from actress Marika Dominczyk as character, Eliza Minnick. This installment was written by William Harper, and Kevin McKidd was brought on to direct it.

Nathan's in it too

We've also got a promo photo for episode 23 (above) that features Nathan, chatting with a young patient, played by Darby Camp. We can also confirm that this episode is set to air on Tuesday night, May 11th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.