Johnny Depp, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star, has had a fight with his former business manager The Management Group (TMG). David Shane, one of the spokesmen for TMG, called Johnny Depp a “habitual liar.” The statement came as a response to Depp’s assertions against TMG in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, April 25.

The fight between TMG and Depp

Depp sued TMG in January for over $25 million, asserting that it was fraudulent and negligent. In response to his assertions, TMG countersued Johnny Depp, highlighting his lavish expenditure as the main reason.

According to TMG, the actor spent a whopping $30,000 every month on wine, private jets, and home, in spite of several warnings. The ex-managers for Depp stated that it was becoming difficult for them to cope with his rising expenditures.

In the interview with the WSJ, Depp said that TMG let him down. He questioned the company – which his run by Rob and Joel Mandel – why they didn’t drop him as a client due to his spendthrift nature. The actor also stated that since it was his hard earned money, he had the right to spend it any way he wished.

Depp’s expenditure

Depp’s ex-managers claim that the total cost of his lifestyle every month exceeded $2 million. According to the Lawsuit, he took out more than $75 million to purchase and maintain 14 homes.

One was a French chateau, and the other was a chain of islands in the Bahamas.

Other expenditures listed in the lawsuit include Hollywood memorabilia, a collection of fine arts, a 150-foot yacht, and travels via a private jet. The Hollywood memorabilia needed 12 storage facilities for its maintenance. Depp maintained that it was his money.

Apparently, both the actor and his sister played an important part in all the business decisions made by TMG during the 17 years they firm represented the star.

Lawsuit filed by Depp’s lawyer

A lawsuit filed by Adam Waldman, Johnny Depp’s lawyer, stated that they have got hold of important information, including documents and testimony from one of TMG’s former employees.

With the help of this, they would be able to highlight how TMG had been mismanaging the actor’s affairs. According to Waldman, the former TMG employee’s testimony would highlight the several forms of thievery carried out by Mandel and his firm on Johnny Depp’s assets.

Waldman also stated that the unsealing of the testimony is potentially harmful to the ex-managers’ case. TMG stated that Johnny is focusing on dishonest statements from the ex-TMG employee who was thrown out of the company 7 years go. At the time, the said employee had promised to get back at TMG.