During the last part of "Yuri On Stage" on April 29, the team announced that the production of the first-ever all-new "Yuri On Ice" film has been given the green light. This news was both received with joy and excitement from the anime's fans worldwide At the time of the announcement, the anime was one of the trending topics worldwide.

Anime film

Mappa Studios officially confirmed the first animated movie as soon as the stage event concluded last Saturday. Fans will see the unconventional story of romance, love, friendship, and passion of the young figure ice skater Yuri and his mentor and love interest, Victor.

Fans are now wondering about the plot for the upcoming film after the team officially made clear that the film would not complicate the next season of the show. Currently, the only information about the anime film is that it will have an international release. Apart from that, the team has not yet revealed any details.

Among the speculation is the possibility of introducing new characters. Will there be a third character in the unorthodox love story of the sports heroes that will create a conflict and make the romance bloom or end? Will fans see another championship tournament in the movie?

Season 2

The most recent announcement about the new offering from the phenomenal anime series was well received by fans.

However, speculation started to build that with the announcement of the new movie, the team might decide not to run the second season. It can be recalled that Kubo herself in previous interviews has shown interest in the show's second run. However, May has arrived and no official news about "Yuri on Ice" season 2 was revealed by the team.

It is in this light that fans are feeling sad and worried that they might not see their favorite anime series air again.

There are also several reports suggesting that there might be a second run but it might get a later release date. One key point being considered right now is the fact that the movie was also set to start production.

Given that they have prioritized it over the production of the anime's second season is an indication that it will not be seen before the film. Another possibility is that the anime series might get an earlier release date. Ultimately, this is all just speculation at this point, and fans will just have to wait and see what happens with "Yuri On Ice."