Hey, "Prison Break" folks. Yes, there's going to be a wicked showdown with Poseidon after he tries to keep outsmarting Michael and the gang and more in this upcoming episode 9 of the current season 5. We're also going to see Michael and Lincoln keep trying to protect Mike and Sara. Someone is not going to make it out of the big showdown alive! So it sounds like this one will really be super serious. We acquired these spoiler scoops via FOX's latest episode press release by way of Spoiler TV.

Behind the Eyes

They also let us know that this installment was given the name: "Behind The Eyes" to serve as the title.

They immediately started off their plot summary be telling us that not everyone is going to make it out alive! They put that part in all capital letters which means this particular storyline could be getting most of the attention.

Lose their lives

They did elaborate on it a little bit by telling us that in the midst of Poseidon trying to outsmart Michael and the rest of his crew, the activities will lead them into having a huge showdown at some point. This situation is going to cause somebody or a few people to lose their lives as they tell us that not everyone will make it out of this wicked showdown alive.

Who will be the unlucky person or people that loses their life? Will the crew be triumphant over Poseidon despite the loss of life?

Those are the major questions for this storyline. Unfortunately, they didn't give us the answers to those questions in this press release so we're definitely going to have to wait until this thing airs to find out the outcome of that wicked situation. I'm guessing that it will certainly feature a lot of drama and action. There's no doubt about that.

Serious danger

The other storyline that was mentioned in this one involves Sara and Mike. Apparently, they're still in some serious danger because major threats keep coming after them. In light of this, Lincoln and Michael will continue to stay real busy trying to protect them.

Will they be able to continue to keep Mike and Sara safe?

Or will one of these crazy threats finally reach them? Hopefully, we'll see a couple of these questions get answered in this particular episode. Also as always, we might be treated to a couple of glimpses of these intense storylines in action when FOX drops the new preview clip for this episode later on tonight after episode 8 gets done wrapping up. You'll definitely want to make sure you track down that clip.

Laid up on a hospital bed

FOX also released some promo pics for this episode. Most of them feature Michael in action. However, two of them show a very disturbing hospital scene where Lincoln is spotted all laid up on a hospital bed. It looks like he's being rushed to the emergency room or something so it does not look good for him.

Also, it's confirmed that episode 9 is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday night, May 30th, 2017 at 8pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.

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