After the disbandment of One Direction, fans of the popular boy group were eagerly awaiting what each member's next career step would be. Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne all went ahead and debuted their own solo singles, but one member has yet to release his own self-titled solo debut - Harry Styles. Fans of the 23-year old singer have long been waiting for his single as a solo artist and the day has finally come. In the past few weeks, the former One Direction member has been making several appearances both in TV shows and radio segments to promote his upcoming Solo Album.

Of course, with all the interviews and guestings to promote his upcoming album, talking about his past and personal life is inevitable.

It can be noted that Harry Styles was romantically linked to Taylor Swift a few years ago, and it seems like the media won't make him forget about it soon. In fact, there were reports circulating that the lyrics of some of his songs in the upcoming album is pertaining to Taylor Swift. In a recent interview, the "Dunkirk" actor was asked straight up if those lyrics were really about the "Blank Space" singer.

Harry Styles on dating Tayor Swift

Considering that they are both big musical icons of this era, their romantic relationship clearly took the world by storm.

Everywhere they went, paparazzi followed them, making their relationship very public. However, the young power couple of the music industry eventually parted ways and the fans were obviously curious to know the reason why.

However, being the gentleman that he is, Harry Styles never went into the nitty gritty details of why he and the "Shake It Off" singer broke up.

In fact, whenever he was asked about his time with the "Wildest Dreams" singer, he had very short and limited words of choice. It was as if he wanted to protect whatever he and Taylor Swift had in the past. When asked if there were some lyrics in his new songs pertaning to Taylor Swift, the former One Direction member played it coy by simply saying that the multi-awarded Grammy awardee plays a huge part of the album.

Is 'Two Ghosts' all about T-Swift?

Among all the songs in Harry Styles' new album, the song "Two Ghosts" is alleged to be the one pertaning to Taylor Swift.

In one interview, Harry Styles was directly asked if the song was about his ex-girlfriend and he seemed to be caught off-guard as he stammered that it was pretty much self-explanatory.

Now that Harry Styles has pretty much admitted that he has a song about Taylor Swift, could it be a possible spark in their relationship once again? The "Red" singer is currently single so the fans are excitedly waiting for the next move between the former flames.