Harry Styles is once again conquering the airwaves with his newly released self-titled solo album. Now that his songs, “Two Ghosts” and “Sign of Times,” are being sought-after, fans can’t help but ask what inspired him to write this tunes.

The 23-year-old star revealed that “Sign of Times” is actually about the things people have been experiencing today. “Two Ghosts,” on the other hand, is his answer to a girl's accusations from his past.

A song inspired by past romance

There are swirling rumors that “Two Ghosts” is about Styles past affair with a former girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

In an interview on Nick Grimshaw's “Radio 1” show, the television personality asked his guest is about the “Blank Space” hitmaker. As the song has the lyrics, “Same lips, red. Same eyes, blue,” a lot deem that is, indeed, about the 27-year-old pop giant’s 2014 hit “Style.”

"I think it's pretty, like, self-explanatory," the former One Direction member said. Evidently awkward and caught off guard, he explained that sometimes things change, but still, people can do the same and different stuff at times. As he noticed that his answer is very confusing, he just said, "2017, philosopher, London."

Grimshaw, then, just cut their discussion and introduced the song so he could play it.

"So here we go, the one about Taylor Swift," he mockingly said while Styles denied and laughingly screamed the word, “no.”

Today’s problems in the world inspired Style’s first single

Moreover, aside from “Two Ghosts,” his number one hit “Sign of Times” is also revealed to be about Brexit and the group Black Lives Matter. The “Dunkirk” star once revealed that the song has a dark meaning about the death of a young mother in a minute she gives birth.

In an interview with New York Times, he was asked if Brexit, Black Lives Matter, and the triumph of Donald Trump as the new U.S. President have influenced his song. Styles explained that people are now experiencing difficult time and in the past, but things that are going around the world today are getting pretty worse.

For him, his first single is about giving his points of view on different things happening today.

He, too, added that the situation of the world is what inspired him at the moment. “It’s very much me looking at that,” he continued.

UK tour dates

Meanwhile, Styles is set to tour the UK to promote his new self-titled album. On October 29 and 30, he will be in London Eventim Apollo. On November 1, he will be Manchester O2 Apollo and on November 2 in Glasgow Sec Armadillo.