“Waxing Gibbous” is the second time that an “Archer” season ended by abandoning the show’s commitment to horror and comedy for something ambitious. The previous episode consisted of various surprising scenes, including Dr. Krieger’s fight against his own Nazi masters. It seems that there will be plenty of surprises in the new episodes of “Archer.” The unusual structure of Dreamland makes it an appealing show.

‘Archer’ – the television series

“Archer” is a spy sitcom developed by Adam Reed for the FX network. On September 12, 2009, the first episode of the show went on air and made the headlines.

FX renewed the series for ten new seasons, totaling 201 episodes. The latest season premiered on April 5, 2017, with the show moving to FXX. The story revolves around a police officer, Sterling, who deals with global espionage. His aim is to defeat the group of criminals who targeted his mother, Malory, and girlfriend, Lana.

The cast includes Jon Benjamin as Archer, Judy Greer as Cheryl, Chris Parnell as Figgis, Aisha Tyler as Kane, Jessica Walter as Malory, and Lucky Yates as Krieger.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Adam Reed stated that he would script the new episodes. The show is animated by Floyd County Productions in Georgia, while Trinity Animation creates the 3D models in Missouri.

Relation to other television series

Previously, Jeffrey Tambor, Judy Greer, David Cross, and Jessica Walter starred in a Fox sitcom, “Arrested Development.” Following its smashing success in 2014, all of the cast members were recruited by the director of “Archer.” Adam Reed reveals that the series has character similarities with that of “Arrested Development.” Both shows use catchphrases and callbacks now and then.

Critical reception

“Archer” has received positive comments from television critics and audiences, with some of them praising its visual effects, while the other admiring its storyline and dialogues. All of the seasons received a Blu-ray and DVD release earlier this year. The first season was released on Blue-ray, but late renewed for DVD, and IMAX 3D.

Two books based on “Archer” are available for sale online. “How to Archer,” and “The Art of Archer,” have loads of information about how to get a life like the main character of the series, Sterling Archer. So far, it has received numerous awards and nominations, including two Primetime Emmy Awards, three Critics' Choice Television Awards, three Annie Awards, and five Filmfare Awards.