"Grey's Anatomy" season 14 spoilers tease that Megan Hunt's arrival could impact multiple characters on the series. There's little doubt that her arrival won't affect Riggs and Meredith's growing relationship, but is it possible that the bigger issue will be between Owen and Nathan?

After learning that Rigg's long lost girlfriend wasn't dead, Meredith gently told Nathan that Megan was alive and on her way to Seatle. For a moment, Riggs didn't fully understand her. Then, he asked, "What? Megan's alive?"

Megan's arrival pumps the brakes on Riggs and Meredith

The first thing that Megan's appearance will do on "Grey's Anatomy" is put a halt to Riggs and Meredith's relationship.

Even if Megan decides that she doesn't want to be with Nathan anymore, it will get complicated for the next few months.

Meredith knew that Nathan would want to go to Megan's side. She was genuinely happy for him and noted that if someone told her Derek was alive, she would already be gone.

"Grey's Anatomy" spoilers state that Riggs and Megan will have issues to work out before they can resume a life together. For one, the day she disappeared, she found out that he had cheated on her. It is something that has bothered Riggs and Owen for the past ten years. Is it possible that Megan is still angry with him about it?

Or maybe, she won't even remember it?

What's next?

"Grey's Anatomy" spoilers suggest that there are three options for Shonda Rhimes moving into Season 14. According to TV Line, it will mostly center around Megan, but her reaction to her loved ones could vary.

First, Nathan could help Megan recover and not push her to get back together right away. He helps her through rehabilitation services and stands by her.

They fall in love and decide to start over.

Secondly, Riggs could try to stand by Megan because it's the right thing to do. However, he cannot help but be drawn to Meredith. After Megan gets better, he could tell Megan that he has fallen in love with Grey.

Thirdly, Megan rejects Nathan, and he goes back to Meredith while he stays active in Megan's life.

Maybe, they will become great friends and down the road, get back together.

So, what about Owen?

It seems pretty clear that the main storyline of Season 14 will be Owen's mental state. "Grey's Anatomy" fans were thrilled when Owen and Amelia appeared to get back together, but it's pretty clear that Megan's arrival flared up his PTSD. Will that be a problem for Owen next season?

"Grey's Anatomy" fans, how do you think Megan will react to Riggs? Will she even remember him? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 return to ABC in September.

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