The aftermath of a photo posted by Kathy Griffin has resulted in bad news for the comedian. The picture in question showed Griffin posing with a decapitated bloody head of Donald Trump, which in turn prompted First Lady Melania Trump to respond.

Melania on Griffin

For the last two years, Donald Trump dominated not just the political headlines, but even when it came to entertainment.

The former host of "The Apprentice" found a way to take over the game when it comes to politics, as his surprising rise during the 2016 presidential election shocked the world. Trump's controversial rhetoric and questionable campaign style was enough to find support among many conservatives, but it appeared to alienate those on the political left, including most celebrities out in Hollywood. It became common place for Trump to be mocked on "Saturday Night Live" by Alec Baldwin, and called out in comedic fashion on "The Late Show" by Stephen Colbert. Comedian Bill Maher criticized the president on a weekly basis during his HBO program, but it was Kathy Griffin who finally crossed the line for posing with a beheaded picture of the commander in chief.

Trump supporters quickly came to his defense, including his wife Melania Trump, as reported by NBC News on May 31.

According to NBC News, Melania Trump released a statement on the Kathy Griffin controversy on Wednesday and didn't hold back her thoughts.

"As a mother, a wife, and a human being, that photo is very disturbing," Melania wrote. "The first lady spoke about the "atrocities happening in the world," before labeling the photo "simply wrong." Not stopping there, Melania went on to question Griffin's mental state, concluding, "makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it."

Twitter reacts

Responding to Melania Trump's statement on Kathy Griffin were angry social media users who were quick to point out the apparent hypocrisy on the right.

"Griffin may have went a little overboard, but I did not hear the outrage when people called former First Lady Michelle Obama an Ape!" one Twitter user wrote, while also adding "Nor did I hear any outrage when people had HRC's head on a stick, nor when Ted Nugent wanting to kill HRC & Obama! Where is the outrage???"

"The Trumps never miss an opportunity to play the victim. The incident is over; Kathy Griffin apologized; the president was never in danger," another tweet went on to read.

"She apologized and will be reprimanded. But how bout u go move to the White House so u can save taxpayers $Millions," an additional tweet noted.

"Ask her where is her outrage her husband wants to throw millions of people off healthcare?? Where is her outrage? Please...let's talk!" another Twitter user wrote about Melania Trump. The negative reactions continued as the partisan divide between liberals and conservatives proved to be alive and well.