The fans have been wondering about the cast of "Bachelor in Paradise" for this summer, and now Reality Steve has spoilers about who will be joining the cast. The filming will be starting this week, so there is a chance that there could be a few last minutes changes happen. Steve shared that if you follow some of them on social networks you will notice they are not hiding the fact that they are going somewhere or packing suitcases.

Some of them left a boyfriend at home

There should be about thirty contestants this summer on "Bachelor in Paradise." One crazy thing is that Steve says five of the girls have boyfriends at home that are fine with them doing the show.

That is kind of crazy, but it does come with a paycheck and some exposure. First, off Corinne is coming to "BIP," but she constantly shares on Snapchat that she has a man. Alexis and Astrid will also be there, and both have boyfriends in Dallas. Whitney and Kristina also have boyfriends, but Kristina's happens to be Jef Holm. Jef won't be on the show, but she will, which is all rather odd.

Who should you expect to see this summer?

Some of the other girls that will be there are Raven Gates, Danielle Lo, Danielle Maltby, Jasmine Goode, Taylor and Christen Whitney. There are a few other rumors about girls, but Steve wasn't entirely sure who all will be on there.

Now the guys are a pretty great cast.

Chase McNary and Robby Hayes will both be on this season for sure. These two are living together and own a business together. Alex Woytkiw and Ben Zorn will both be there as well. They are also going to cast a lot of Rachel Lindsay's guys. There are a lot of rumors, but the names coming up the most are Jack Stone, Brady Ervin, Matt Munson, DeMario Jackson, Alex Bordyukov and Dean Unglert.

Amanda Stanton will be back once again trying to find love in paradise. It worked for her last time, but they didn't last. Ashley, I said she isn't doing it again and Chad Johnson is a wild card. Steve said you never know if he will show up or not.

Steve also shared that there are some rumors going around that they will bring in guys that have nothing to do with the show, but he doesn't know if that will happen for sure or not.

It will be interesting to see how they change things up this season.

What do you think about the cast of "Bachelor in Paradise" for this summer? Is there someone you were hoping that would be there that isn't in the cast? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer on ABC.