Things are really heating up on "General Hospital, " and it looks like Jason Morgan is headed to Cassadine Island. When he found out that his son is scared of him, Jason decided that he wanted to try and figure out what he did, but of course, he doesn't remember that time in his life. Now Jason wants to know what is bothering his son Jake and will do whatever he can to figure it out. This is going to mean a trip across the world.

What could Jason Morgan end up discovering on Cassadine Island?

Jake and Jason both don't remember everything from while they were on Cassadine Island.

Now Jason is headed back to figure it out and could end up getting the shock of his life. Sources confirmed that this week is when Jason Morgan will head back and try to figure it all out.

Rumors are that when Jason Morgan ends up there, e is going to find out that the Chimera Project is very real and also that Helena Cassadine is still alive and well. There has been a lot of speculation that she might have faked her death and it could possibly turn out that this is true. If she is hiding out on the island, Jason might discover her while he is there looking for other answers. The thing that is good is that Helena can probably help him get the answers he is looking for about what Jake saw during their time at Cassadine Island.

Everyone knows that Helena Cassadine is a huge villain on "General Hospital." The idea of her not being around ever again is kind of odd and faking her death is exactly the type of thing that she would do. If Helena is still around, this would be really shocking to Jake. She actually raised him for about four years after she faked his death.

Jake obviously didn't enjoy his time with her and is just finally moving on from all of this and doing well again.

There have also been rumors that he could end up finding Nikolas Cassadine alive there as well. The fact that his body was never found has everyone wondering if he will show back up at some point. We are going into May sweeps so you know that something big is going to turn up while Jason is on Cassadine Island trying to figure out what is going on and why his son Jake is scared of the old him.

He obviously saw his dad do a few things that he doesn't approve of and it has been hard on him.

Do you think that Jason Morgan is going to end up finding Helena still alive on Cassadine Island? What else do you feel like he could end up discovering there? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC.