"General Hospital" is right in the middle of May sweeps. This is the biggest time for a soap opera, one that is supposed to keep the audience captivated and increase the ratings. The writers have done a great job with the Anna/Alex (Finola Hughes) storyline, especially because many fans were unaware that Alex was even in existence. Michael (Chad Duell) and Nelle (Chloe Lanier) have been making progress in the forgiveness area, and things have been headed toward a possible love story.

"General Hospital" confirms Alex exists with cliffhanger Friday

On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," fans saw Anna in a hospital bed being treated by a nurse. It is unclear how she got there, but it was very clear that her twin sister, Alex is in Port Charles. In fact, several fans have speculated this for quite some time. According to She Knows Soaps, Robin (Kimberly McCullough) will notice something is off with her mother this week. She is back in town because of the Nurses Ball and by mid-week, her suspicions are raised, Anna has a blood disorder and Alex is not being checked out like Anna could be. Andre (Anthony Montgomery) called her out on it, and that is really when fans began to question the existence of Alex.

The Nurses Ball will begin next Monday on the 22nd. This is a huge event that many "General Hospital" fans look forward to seeing. The actors put on performances, everyone gets dressed up, and it always hosts drama. There are rumors that indicate something big is going to happen this year, but no indication on what that could be.

Right now, there isn't any danger circulating through Port Charles, but that is going to change. It was recently confirmed Helena (Constance Towers) was back from the dead, but it appears that was in flashbacks only. Will the new big bad be Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)?

Michael finds Nelle

Michael and Nelle have been flirting with a relationship for months now.

It was revealed who she was and what she did to Carly (Laura Wright) after waiting for what seemed like an eternity. Michael wasn't happy about all that went down but Nelle has managed to soften his heart a bit. Friday's episode of "General Hospital" saw the two talking on the pier about her leaving town and when he left, she was attacked by a robber. Michael will find her on the dock this week and it is going to bring them closer than ever.

Tune into "General Hospital" all this week to find out what is happening in Port Charles.