"Game of Thrones" is undoubtedly one of the fan-favorite TV series of its generation. With a worldwide fandom and impressive television ratings, the fantasy series success is nothing but phenomenal. However, with speculations, that the series is nearing its final season, fans are somehow saddened and worried that they might not get to see their favorite show. However, in the most recent reports, it appears that HBO is cooking something up for the fans.

Four writers

Mashable reported and confirmed that the premium cable network has commissioned four top writers to write the "Game of Thrones" Spinoffs.

According to the report, each writer will cover different timelines of George R.R. Martin's rich and colorful world. In other words, fans can expect a wider range of story potentials. For several months now, the cable network has been thinking of ways to offer something as a follow-up to one of the network's widely-watched series.

The writers are Jane Goldman who wrote "X-men: First Class," and " Kingsmen: The Secret Service," and Carly Wray who penned "Mad Men," and "The Leftovers." The other two writers are Max Borenstein who wrote "Godzilla," and "Kong: Skull Island," and Brian Helgeland who wrote "LA Confidential,: and "A Knight's Tale." George R.R. Martin will work directly and collaborate individually with Wray and Goldman on their respective projects.

According to HBO, these projects have no timetable and the premium cable network said they will take as much or as little time with the development of the projects as the writers need. In addition, the company also noted that the scripts, once submitted, will still be subject to further evaluation.

Meanwhile, Dan Weiss and David Benioff will not have a hand in the development of the upcoming projects.

Instead, the showrunners are tasked to focus on "Game of Thrones" season 7. The showrunners are currently in the middle of gearing up and writing for the eighth and the final season of the phenomenal fantasy series. HBO further disclosed that the pair is updated with the plans and will also be connected with the spinoffs. In addition, George R.R.

Martin will be the executive producer of all the projects, according to HBO. Further, the cable network said that they will continue to support them as they take their much-deserved vacations upon the completion of the scripts about Westeros as well as the final season.