“Attack on Titan” is going full steam ahead with episodes filled with shocking plot twist ever since the series returned after almost three long years of staying away from the limelight. As of now, five episodes have already been released and the show makers managed to keep the anticipation to the highest. All of the previous episodes are full of action and if not game-changing revelations and plot twist.

The latest of these revelations was Krista Lenz' true lineage and name. She will be a key character in uncovering the history of the titans.

Episode 31: "Warrior"

A synopsis for the upcoming episode titled “Warrior” was released and teased the future events that will happen. According to the synopsis, the episode will kick off with the aftermath of the battle at Utgard Castle. Thanks to Ymir and the gallant Survey Corps soldiers they managed to annihilate the attacking titans. Ymir was seriously injured as she lost her right arm and leg but she is alive and will be sent to the Trost Ward to recover.

The Survey Corps will regroup and discuss the execution of their plan to locate the hole in Wall Rose and do something to repair or close it by any means. However, they are shocked to learn that the wall is not breached anywhere. They are left puzzled and wondering as to how the Titans managed to appear inside the walls without a gap or any hole to go through.

Big revelation in the manga

The synopsis doesn’t provide much information regarding the biggest plot twists in the upcoming episodes but manga readers know exactly what “Attack on Titan” Episode 31 will show. The 42nd Chapter of the manga shares the same title of the upcoming episode and it will tell one of the most mind-blowing events in the series.

In the manga, the other members of the Survey Corps are already suspicious of Reiner and Bertolt’s possibility as Titan shifters. Later on, Reiner talked to Eren and revealed their true identities.

Reiner confessed that he is the Armored Titan while Bertolt was the Colossal Titan and they are the ones responsible for the attack on Wall Maria 5 years ago.

Reiner even negotiated with Eren that if he will peacefully come with them Reiner and Bertolt will not attack the walls again. At first, Eren cannot process all the information and argumentative about the revelation. However, as Eren finally connected the dots, he realized that Reiner is telling the truth. As Reiner is about to make his move on Eren, Mikasa showed up and attack the Titan Shifters but they managed to grab Eren and Ymir as they transformed into Titans. Eren on the other hand now views his former comrades as a traitor and he transformed into his Titan form to fight the Armored Titan.