Over the weekend, “Friends” fans shared a post from a fan page going by the name of David Schwimmer. It stated that the six original cast members had agreed to do another episode of the show in the fall of 2018. While many are excited, some fans couldn’t help but wonder if this was at all true. After all, there have been various rumors of the cast members getting back together for another episode.

So, the big question is whether “Friends” is returning in 2018? Here’s a look at absolutely everything you need to know about this. But, yes, “Friends” returning in 2018 is definitely a hoax.

It’s not David Schwimmer’s real account

Let’s start with the account that the hoax came from. This isn’t the real account of David Schwimmer. It wasn’t even verified. All celebrities and businesses can go through the verification system on Facebook to let their fans and customers know that they’ve reached the right place. You will know if you’re on a verified page because, like Twitter, it will have a blue tick next to it.

Also, the Facebook page had the username @RossGellar. If it was really Schwimmer’s account, it would have been his own name. This instantly suggests that it was a fake account set up by a fan of the show. The Facebook post and the page have since been removed.

The ‘Friends’ cast are all involved in other projects

The majority of the original cast are all off doing other projects. They wouldn’t have time to do another full season of “Friends.” That doesn’t mean reunions are off the table. In fact, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, and Courteney Cox recently did a comedy reunion special on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show.

Likewise, the two actresses, Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry got together for a special comedy that is now available online.

If you want to see the actors in other shows, then you’ll need to tune in to Matt LeBlanc’s “Man with a Plan” and Aniston’s various movies. Perry has just recently been in “The Odd Couple,” although that is set for cancellation this season.

‘Friends: The Musical’ is coming to Broadway

While “Friends” returning in 2018 was a hoax, there is some good news. “Friends: The Musical” is officially happening. This is an unofficial adaptation for Broadway, but will see the likes of “Oh. My God. It’s Janice!” and “The One Where We Had a Million Dollars” as songs for the show. It’s written by fans for the fans. The show is expected to run in the fall of 2017, with tickets available next month.

Unfortunately, the musical is the only “Friends” event happening in the coming years. The news on Facebook really was just a mean hoax. The next time you see something, it’s worth doing a quick check on the account to see if it's verified. You can also check Google or Snopes for further verification.