Not all shows make it for another year. There have been some big shows cancelled, some with little warning and others widely expected. While there are still a few shows that have fates up in the air, the majority of decisions have been made by the networks. The CW and ABC are the first two networks to confirm the fates of all current shows. Here’s a look at the top four cancellations of 2017.

NBC’s "Powerless"

The cancellation of NBC’s “Powerless” was certainly not a shock to anyone. While fans were disappointed, it was clear that NBC didn’t support the freshman superhero comedy. It had a unique take to the superhero universe, focusing on the creation of weapons and protection of the people.

However, the show didn’t end up living up to expectations and didn’t even get to finish its full run.

The CW’s "Frequency"

Based on the movie of the same name, “Frequency” was one of those shows that was perfect for one season and one season only. Most of the story wrapped up, with just a couple of cliffhangers left for a second season in case they happened. The biggest question was whether Frank fixed the radio so they could communicate again. The CW did release a three-minute clip to round up that major question.

ABC’s "Last Man Standing"

Tim Allen’s show “Last Man Standing” was cancelled in 2017 by ABC after six seasons. Fans are calling for a U-turn on the decision, but ABC is sticking by the cancellation. The show wasn’t performing as well as expected, considering the expense to run the show.

While the set and costumes wouldn’t have been that expensive, Tim Allen reportedly asked for a large salary for his time on the show. There are also rumors that Allen’s conservative political views were also a factor in the decision.

CBS’ ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’

CBS is getting there with its decisions. One of the latest has been a show that many fans expected to be cancelled, even though they wanted to see it live on.

Unfortunately, “Criminal Minds” spinoffs haven’t faired well. Some fans expected this show to be cancelled last year, after just one season. One of the biggest problems is the licensing between ABC Studios and CBS. There was a deal struck last year to keep both “Criminal Minds” shows on the air, but this year only the original is proving viable.

What were your favorite TV shows of 2017?

Are the cancelled or will they be renewed for another year? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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