Shum Shum Schlippity Dop, fandom! Anybody who is a Rick and Morty nerd will know that its co-creator, executive producer, writer and director Justin Roiland is the genius voice behind both Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith. Not just that, he is also the voice behind special appearance characters such as Mister Meeseeks, Mr. Poopybutthole, the Cromulons, Ants in my eyes Johnson and Gazorpazorpfield to name a few.

It is quite a mind-bending task for any voice actor to be able to switch between characters with spontaneity while keeping their personalities and mannerisms distinct. Roiland, however, seems to do this with ease and has demonstrated this flawless execution in interviews and comic cons.

There is, however, this one dude who has made an attempt to voice act 5 different characters from the show, and we ought to say he is definitely quite impressive.

Man of the hour

The talent we speak of here is none other than Brock Baker. Baker, also known as The Man of a Kajillion Voices, and McGoiter, is a renowned voice actor, comedian, writer, editor and hand model. Baker, since his childhood, has been quite keen on making impressions. His parents recognized his talent and knew he was destined for fame when he did a flawless impression of an infant child. Ever since that moment, Baker was encouraged to make impressions, and so he did, of everything and everyone around him. From his pets to his neighbors and people on the television, Baker practiced his skill to hone his incredible talent further.

Baker has his own YouTube channel in which he uploads videos making impressions of famous and viral sensations. He is known to do over 300 different voices, and his channel has over 640k subscribers with some of his videos having amassed about 150 million views.

Show me what you got

Brock Baker is known to take fan suggestions from the comments section of his YouTube channel and make impressions of whichever claims the most demand.

Surely enough, requests for Rick and Morty blew out of proportion, and so he went on to make a video titled “5 Rick and Morty Impressions” where he is seen doing an impressive job at making impressions of Rick Sanchez with a little help of carbonated water to get that deep and burpy voice. He also makes bang-on impressions of Morty Smith, Mister Meeseeks, Ants in my eyes Johnson, and our favorite, Scary Terry (satire of Freddy Krueger).

Anybody who thinks they can do this flawlessly needs to check themselves before they riggity riggity wreck themselves. As far as our opinion goes, Brock Baker, you’re one sick dude, and your skills are to die for.

Watch the video for yourselves. You’ll be mindblown.

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