“Twilight” actress Kirsten Stewart has made her way to the Cannes Film Festival and brought her latest short film “Come Swim" with her -- which she directed. With the actress’ Directorial Debut, she made sure she was dressed according to what she wanted. The 27-year-old actress sported her short hair and dressed in a fresh-off-the-runway metallic dress and strapless bra. This caught the media’s attention, with the actress saying nobody could tell her what she could and could not wear at the event.

Kristen Stewart red carpet style

“There’s a distinct dress code, right?” Stewart quipped about Cannes’ strict regulations when it comes to their dress code.

“People get really upset at you if you don’t wear heels, or whatever. But you can’t ask people that anymore. It’s kind of a given."

It can be recalled that the actress has never shied away from breaking away from tradition with her red carpet appearances. She sported attire that has included wearing white T-shirts, and overall non-formal garb.

Kristen Stewart on 'Come Swim' directorial debut

Speaking at her Cannes Red Carpet appearance, Stewart did not just come as an actor but as a director and writer for her short film titled “Come Swim.” The actress reportedly felt very grateful, as they allowed her prove what she has been doing with her latest directorial project, and she revealed that she is very fortunate.

“People who are much more talented and inspired couldn’t ever have the opportunity to make a short film for the amount of money I was given to make this,” she admitted. “I had eight days to shoot it. It was the most comfy process.”

The “Twilight” actress also did not reveal any definite answer in terms of whether she would be directing another movie, as she reportedly has plenty of acting projects, including a drama about a hoax writer named JT LeRoy.

She even added that even though people are already asking for another project behind the camera, she believes that these things should just come naturally and she does “not want to do it for the sake of it," adding that such projects would be on her terms.

“Come Swim” tells the story of a man’s day which was told in half impressionist and half realist portraits.

It’s reported to be about one man sleeping on the bottom of the ocean for several years, which was told through poems and paintings. Stewart also reportedly employed neural-style transfer for the short movie. It was screened at the Sundance Film Festival and was selected for Cannes.