"Pretty Little Liars" season 7 episodes have left fans in question over the mysterious identity of A.D. As the series continues, some fans have been waiting for the A.D. theories to be revealed. Meanwhile, in one of the latest scenes, it has been revealed that Jenna Marshall and Sydney Driscoll are among the little helpers of A.D. This left fans asking on what fate does A.D. have in store for them?

Hanna suspects Lucas' connection to A.D.

"Pretty Little Liars" season 7, episode 16 synopsis reveals that all the liars will be working together this time. Further, this episode will also feature Detective Furey as he uncovers on what had really happened to Archer Dunhill.

On the other hand, Hanna will face her own struggle with the thought that Lucas has a connection with the mysterious villain. Hence, Hanna will be seen looking for more evidence to prove it.

On the other hand, Emily will surprise Ali with some sweet gesture which is undone by the A.D. machinations. Further, this will give the liars the insight on where the game has originated. As the episode continues, Emily and Ali are likely to be seen getting closer together. Both of them have been waiting to enjoy this moment of happiness and apparently, it will be happening. Hopefully, these last few episodes will be the chance for Emily and Ali to build something that definitely lasts.

Aria to betray her friends?

One of the latest episodes will further reveal that Aria will come face to face with Sydney.

Both of them will argue over the alleged betrayal of Aria with her friends. She has the thought of joining A.D.'s side, and apparently, this will be the first time for a certain Liar to go against the others.

"Pretty Little Liars" actress Lucy Hale, who usually play as Aria, revealed that she has been dished over her character's betrayal. She added that she finds it fun to play the other side of her role.

Right now, lots of people are angry with Aria; however, she added that she will portray something that has never been seen before with her character.

As the series continues, viewers will only have to wait whether or not; Aria will continue to take down the dark path. There are lots of theories that are going around and many suspects that Aria is the person behind A.D.'s cruelty.

Further, there are also speculations which suggest that two of the series characters might face death this season. Some reports claim that it will be Mona and Caleb.

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