One of the most iconic landmarks for American greed, corruption, and just down-home fun has yet again become the target of an ISIS terrorist threat. Apparently, the terrorists believe that on the heels of the horror that was perpetrated on thousands at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England; they can tap into the fear this heinous act caused and halt shows in Vegas. However, major headliners will not be silenced. Their shows will go on. reports that after videos surfaced focusing on Las Vegas as the next lone wolf target, TMZ contacted four of the top Vegas acts. Each stated that yes, security is being added to ease fear; nonetheless, they are not afraid to take the stage.

It is not like Vegas has not seen this type of thing before

This current threat is not the first time Las Vegas has been targeted by ISIS. Beginning last June threats surfaced suggesting that ISIS wants to attack Las Vegas. Nevada lawmakers responded by adding more security to protect the famous landmark and once Mafia stronghold.

It is hard to know what Bugsy Siegel would think about the threat in the entertainment mecca he created out of a desert backwater. In a twist, out of a bad Hollywood thriller, we have a "High Noon" of sorts. Maybe ISIS ought to watch this Hollywood classic and see how that turned out? Westerners do not take kindly to threats and such. For now, in any event, in the overall scheme of things the top performers of Vegas are 'Gary Coopering' ISIS' ass.

Some patrons may get their money back if they want

Alas, this is not a Hollywood movie, and we cannot predict the ending. That may well be why TMZ decided to ask if patrons want to forgo the performances and get their money back? "The Colosseum at Caesars" where the major acts are performing agreed with that. The answer is yes. "Planet Hollywood," on the other hand, were not so clear with their answer.

In any event, the shows will go on. Security will tight and who knows, imaginably Bugsy's Spirit will be looking up or down (whatever the case might be) to keep his dream booming and ISIS' nightmare empty. As for audience members, who knows if the whole enchilada is worth the trouble? After all, Gary Cooper in "High Noon" had a life or death point to make.

Plus, that was a movie. These threats are real and cause endless heartache that does not dissipate. It could be ISIS is bluffing and has no ace up its sleeve. The question is, will Vegas fold? So far, the answer is no way! No word from the Trump administration as to what Trump thinks about the threats on the playground he once frequented.

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