Make fun of Donald trump all you like. Write stories about his buffoonery, keep shouting that impeachment is imminent, he will resign from office, or the Congress will just remove him from office given their power to do so under extreme circumstances; who knows, it may happen? Just remember we are following him, he is not following us. Trump has an agenda. He knows when to bow his head to a King, a man with more power than can be accurately evaluated. Why? Dominance.

The new United States of America

America is a country divided. Separated by State borders, alienated immigrants, racial splits, and the fundamentally ideological wedge driven into the heart of shared values.

Middle-class America is shrinking while lower-class America grows. Whereas the wealthy control more of America's assets than at any other time in history.

Here is what America will do; use humor. It has worked in the past. Maybe it all started with Nixon's famous one-liner on "Laugh-in" when he asked, "Sock it to me?" America did sock-it to Nixon. Nixon folded his losing hand and walked away from the political poker table in disgrace. Trump is no Nixon. Unlike Nixon, he is holding his poker hand close to his chest.

"Saturday Night Live," plus the newest edition to Comedy Central Anthony Atamanuik's "The President's Talk Show" are comedies apparently aimed at poking even more jabs at President Trump.

Anthony Atamanuik did not want the gig; he goes so far as to claim he would love to return to obscurity just as soon as Trump is no longer president. Another insight Anthony Atamanuik shares, "there is a little bit of Trump in all of us, and that is what is really scary."

Just whistling in the dark

Maybe Americans are just whistling while walking through a graveyard on a moonless night?

Is America is on the brink of a new worldview: a new way-of-the-world, one that will either benefit Americans only, the World or set civilization back thousands of years? In any event, what is alarming are the questions no one in the United States is providing straightforward answers to with reasonable explanations that are understandable.

This state of affairs is an emotionally driven one. Americans are either for Trump all the way or want him gone. Of course, there are those calling for discernment and answers based on sound logic. So here is to America -- the world is turning their forlorn eyes to you. Where have you gone purple mountains of majesty?