Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray broke off their engagement in December, just a few months after they got engaged on "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 3. Now Amanda is setting the story straight about their relationship, squashing the rumors about a possible reconciliation.

Their breakup wasn't a peaceful one, with plenty of jabs going back and forth on social media. Amanda's friends, twins Haley and Emily Ferguson, even jumped into the conversation, tweeting accusations about Josh was "verbally and emotionally abusive" to their friend and "Paradise" co-star.

Back together — briefly

Shortly after their breakup, Amanda and Josh were spotted out together in the L.A. area, prompting speculation that they were giving their relationship another shot. Now Amanda is dishing on her future with Josh and it does not include dating, living together, or casual meet ups. That's right — Amanda is over it and has no intentions of going back to Josh.

Amanda moves on

During a Facebook Live event with ET, Amanda revealed that she did get together with Josh a few times after their split, but that's not going to happen again. She states that she's "closed that chapter" — she won't be turning back the pages of what was a rocky relationship right from the start.

"We broke up in December," Amanda tells ET.

"We've seen each other a couple times ... I think that's just kind of bound to happen when you're both part of the Bachelor family, but no, we're not going to get back together. He's not trying to get back with me. I'm not trying to get back with him."

Amanda is dating again

The single mom of two has plenty of things to keep her busy, including a new business venture.

She's friends with Ben Higgins' ex, Lauren Bushnell and the two fashionistas are currently working on opening an online clothing boutique.

So, who has time for dating with two young children and a possible business? Well, Amanda does. Or at least she's trying.

Stanton tells Us Weekly that she's turned to a dating app to get started.

And she wasn't always a fan of meeting guys through an app, but seriously — dating on TV didn't work out all that well for her, so why not?

She tells Us that she hasn’t always been a fan of dating apps, but she’s giving it a try. Considering she didn’t find love with The Bachelor Ben Higgins and her Bachelor in Paradise relationship with Josh Murray didn’t work out, maybe digital dating is the answer.

"I remember a couple years ago, I was like, ‘Online dating is so weird," Amand tells Us. "I would never do that.’ And now it’s like, ‘I need to do that to meet someone. I get it now!'”

And fans who are wondering if Amanda will be part of the "Bachelor in Paradise" cast this summer, she says, "no." We've heard that before from other Bachelor Alum, so stand by. Maybe she'll change her mind.