A new season of "Return To Amish" is here and everyone has noticed that Kate Stoltz is not around. They did talk about her a bit on the season premiere. The rest of the cast seems to be there except for Katie Ann, who make show up once in a while. So what is Kate up to and what is keeping her from the show? Starcasm was able to reveal what is going on with Kate now.

Kate Stoltz goes to Facebook and shares what is going on

Kate Stoltz shared that Fans are coming to her and asking her why she isn't on the show. Kate Stoltz is totally done with reality television and shared that she won't be back on the show again.

She is working hard. Kate said, "I decided to fully immerse myself into my work in design, and finishing my college degree at FIT. Getting a good education is very important to me." She also went on to explain that she works on clothing that sometimes takes months to complete. She is also working as an intern once again. That keeps her busy, but she is loving the work.

One thing that Kate Stoltz did was give a shoutout to her fans. She said that her fans motivate her. It was obvious that she is very involved in her work right now and that is her main focus. Being on reality television might have helped Kate with her career, but she is done with it now and moving on. You know they are going to bring her name up from time to time, but don't expect to see her even show up at all.

It looks like Kate Stoltz is very successful in her business and is really happy with how things are going. It would be shocking if she decided to go back on the show again. Kate has made it very clear that she is not a fan of the way that production does everything and that could have also lead to her leaving the show, but if it did, then she isn't admitting to it.

You could tell she wasn't happy, but she did stick it out a few seasons. Things are different without Kate Stoltz on the show every week. It means the cast probably won't be taking any big trips to New York City. Mama Mary is taking some of them to Las Vegas as a wedding gift for Jeremiah and Carmela. It does look like a wild time.

Do you miss Kate Stoltz on "Return to Amish"? Do you feel like the show will do just fine without her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Return to Amish" on Sunday nights on TLC. This season is going to show Carmela and Jeremiah Raber getting used to married life and also Rebecca will be getting her GED, which is very important to her.