Reality television doesn't reveal all the secrets of their cast members. That is even true of the stars of “Return to Amish.” Sabrina High, the only Mennonite member of the cast, has a secret that didn't come to light on the TLC hit show. Few fans know that Sabrina did another television show before “Breaking Amish” started.

According to IMDB, Sabrina High was part of the cast of an alleged documentary about Amish weddings. She took part in that television show before she was selected to be on “Breaking Amish” and all the Amish series since that breakout hit for TLC.

Sabrina is not Amish

In the alleged documentary, Sabrina appears in traditional Amish clothing. Fans of “Breaking Amish” and “Return To Amish” know that Sabrina is not Amish. Instead, she is Mennonite. Although the Amish and Mennonites share similar beliefs, they are not the same. Mennonites are much more modern than Amish and are considered to be part of the English community. They are allowed to drive cars, use electricity and have running water. Although their dress is similar, traditional Amish clothing is much more conservative.

It is unknown if the casting directors of “Breaking Amish” were aware Sabrina High had previous experience on television. If they did, they still had Sabrina appear to be leaving her Mennonite community for the first time.

Fans of the TLC show fell for it and believed she had never appeared on television before.

Sabrina, the unwed mother

Sadly, Sabrina High's acting experience is one of the few secrets not revealed on the different Amish series. On “Return to Amish,” it was revealed she had a baby out of wedlock. Although not uncommon for Americans, it is practically unheard of and greatly frowned upon in the both of the religious communities.

The birth of Oakley is not the only secret revealed on “Return to Amish.” Fans of the show learned Sabrina High missed the second season because she was homeless. Because of this, she was not included with Abe and Rebecca Schmucker, Jeremiah Raber and Kate Stoltz in the filming.

Sabrina fights her heroin addiction

Sabrina High was not only homeless during the second season of “Return to Amish.” She was also battling a heroin addiction.

During at least part of the second season, she was in rehab. She also lost custody of her young daughter, Oakley. It is assumed this was due to both her addiction to heroin and the fact she was homeless.

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