United States President Donald Trump's long-running feud with Hillary Clinton is still simmering even though it has been almost a year since the 2016 Presidential Election. Responding to the former Secretary of State's comments about how her election campaign was sabotaged and eventually 'derailed' by James Comey, Trump stated that he hopes that she will run against him in the presidential election in 2020. The president tweeted his response this morning.

Trump responds

Ever since the presidential elections last year, there have been persistent claims from Hillary Clinton that her campaign was sabotaged by James Comey and his decision to reopen the private e-mail server investigation shortly before the elections.

In an interview with Australian network NewsCo.Com, Clinton repeated those claims and stated that it was a deliberate move to derail her campaign. She said, “He (James Comey) did shiv me, yeah, we also know that opponents of mine, like former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, knew something was coming. So there was clearly an effort to derail my campaign at the end.”

However, as everyone knows, Donald Trump is not someone who is going to let these comments go without a response and sure enough, he took to his Twitter account to taunt Clinton. In his tweet, he called her 'crooked Hillary' once again and then dared her to run for the presidency once again in 2020.

A running theme

The private e-mail server investigation was one of the most controversial issues in last year's elections and according to many, Comey's decision to reopen that investigation might have swung the perception of many voters.

The issue is back in the news because of a chapter titled 'Those Damn E-mails' in her latest book "What Happened," in which Clinton explained her loss in the most extraordinary election in recent US history.

Hillary Clinton has been delivering plenty of interviews to different media networks all over the world to promote her book and the issue has been discussed at length in plenty of them.

However, in this interview with the Australian network, she asserted that a program was afoot to sabotage her campaign and that is probably the reason why it instigated such a reaction from Donald Trump. As things stand, there is currently no indication that she is going to plunge into politics once again and hence a rerun of the 2016 presidential election is quite unlikely in 2020.