"Chicago Justice" was on television for only one season. Now it has been officially cancelled, according to NBC. Fans had been holding their breath because there had been speculation that one or two of the shows in the Chicago franchise would be cancelled.

Other three shows renewed

After news that the other three shows had been renewed earlier this month, viewers suspected the plug would be pulled on the last show to come on board. Viewers think NBC didn't give the legal series a chance to survive.

"Chicago Justice" wasn't far behind the other three series.

It was just getting its footing with an average of 1.5 rating and 8.7 million viewers when it first debuted in March. At the end of the first season, ratings had decreased to 1.1 and viewers had gone down to 6.1 million. Of the four shows, "Chicago Justice" did have the lowest rating.

"Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Med" both had a 1.9 rating. "Chicago Fire" had the highest rating of 2.3. So, if one had to go, perhaps "Chicago Justice" was the one to be cancelled. Viewers hadn't gotten too attached to it, so it probably won't be missed that much. Since there was a new case each week, there are no loose ends to tie up as are in some shows with finales that continue in the next season.

Even with the cancellation of "Chicago Justice," Dick Wolf's shows still dominate on NBC.

"Law & Order" was renewed for its 19th season. Wolf has a new show being released later this year. It is "Law & Order: True Crime." The first episode of Season 1 will be the case of the Menendez brothers.

Fate of Jon Seda

The fate of Jon Seda is up in the air. He had been on "Chicago P.D." since its debut in 2014. He left to help launch "Chicago Justice." NBC has not said if Seda would go back to his regular role on the police show.

Hopefully, Dick Wolf can work something out for him and Seda can return as Antonio Dawson.

There might be a problem with Seda going back because the two shows were under two different productions even though they were in the same franchise. For now, Seda is a free agent. A lot of negotiations have to take place for him to return.

Then, there might be a problem writing him back into the show. So, it is not a small matter for him to return. Officials might say it is easier for him to find another job.


It seems like NBC has no rhyme or reason for what it does. It is keeping some shows with the lower rating and getting rid of some with higher ratings. "Chicago Justice" had a higher rating than two other drama series that were renewed. "Taken" was renewed with a rating of 1.4, and "Shades of Blue" had a rating of only 1.3. So, what's up with that?