The results are out, and Team Alicia's soul rocker, #Stephanie Rice bows down to Team Adam's 19-year old crooner #Mark Isaiah. Apparently, some of Rice's fans aren't happy with the results, and they've taken the cue that the show prefers a beautiful face than real talent.

According to Yahoo Music's Lyndsey Parker, the out-and-about lesbian singer-songwriter has more than proved her worth on the hit talent show. Rice sang “Piece by Piece,” “Safe & Sound,” “Every Breath You Take,” in #The Voice's past episodes and proved that she belongs among the top talent.

Stephanie Rice deviated from her own style

Stephanie's performance on Monday "Behind Blue Eyes" departed from her old usual dark and melancholic style but was still a solid piece. Parker believed that her rendition of The Who's hit song did not merit her spot in this week's bottom two.

Yahoo Music states that Stephanie always seemed ready for the primetime while Mark still has a long way to go, and needed more time to grow. The Instant Save voting system's Twitter-dependence might have already decided the winner before the bottom two contestants sang for another chance in "The Voice."

In fairness to Mark Isaiah, his performance on Monday night proved better than last week when he was in the same predicament.

The 19-year old singer sang "How to Love," and was a significant improvement from his Instant Save song, "One Dance," in last week's episode.

One last attempt

Stephanie had a chance with her Instant Save song, Julia Michaels' "Issues." Her rendition seemed to be her last pitch to American viewers with her raw emotion and the song's pleading lyrics.

In her attempt to get votes, the soulful singer sang "I got issues, and one of them is how bad I need you," with emphasis. She growled with pure emotion, slightly unhinged, reckless, and genuine like how she was in the previous episodes.

In the other hand, Mark delivered his best performance of the season with a familiar mainstream song, Lukas Graham's Grammy-nominated "7 Years." Although he showed signs of breath control issues, he was able to connect well with the crowd with a straightforward and sincere song.

During the show's voting turnout, Mark emerged the victor with 59 percent of the Twitter votes as to Stephanie's 41 percent. After the results, Alicia Keys was all praise for her contender; she said that Rice is "what an artist is supposed to be."