A day before the second birthday of the daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William, her adorable photo was released to mark the occasion. Princess Charlotte, wearing a knitted yellow John Lewis cardigan, was taken last month by Middleton. While many expressed their admiration for the little royalty, some people responded negatively.

Apparently, not even Princess Charlotte could escape from online trolls who always have something nasty to say about anything. While several negative remarks about the little princess emerged online, supporters of the royal family came to the rescue as they hit back on the trolls.

Trolls emerge

The release of the photo is supposed to mark a lovely event on the life of Princess Charlotte. But some people would do their best to ruin the moment. Different unpleasant remarks about the adorable princess were posted on Twitter.

One user said that she is ugly while another calls her a baby leech. Others commented about her hair that it was blow dried and combed over since "she must be bald like her father." In Facebook, one said that the princess is growing up in a parasite feeding house and compared her to her neighbor's kid who was born to hard-working parents who had honorable jobs. The user added that the kid is much smarter and more beautiful than the princess.

Supporter's defense

Many were not pleased by the mean remarks calling them "nasty" people and "morons." Others say that she is just a baby and they shouldn't be mean to her. One user said that those who do not like the royal family should just stay quiet adding that Princess Charlotte and Prince George are "absolutely adorable."

Royalty's privacy

Ever since the birth of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had been guarding their privacy.

Because of that, the royal children are seldom seen in public. The princess was last seen on Christmas Day when the family went to church with grandparents Carole and Michael Middleton.

Apart from that, she was also seen during the tour of her parents in Canada last autumn where she attended a children's party in Victoria, British Columbia.

Other photos of the princess were released during her first birthday.

But her first public photograph shared by the palace is on the day she was born on May 2, 2015 while Middleton was holding her at the private maternity wing of St. Mary's hospital in London. The complete name of Queen Elizabeth's great-granddaughter is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, which is in honor of her and of her grandmother Princess Diana.