Eminem has been dominating the Twitter world lately as his latest photo with his longtime manager Paul Rosenberg sparked new album rumors. The anticipation is strong that he is about to drop his latest LP as eagle-eyed fans meticulously investigate the snap.

A hint of release date

Rosenberg shared a photo with her famous protégé inside the 7-Eleven store. The 44-year-old writer spreads his arms wide open and while his palm is seen, some noticed that there’s a scribble that reads April 7 or April 9. From here, the news of the possible release of his new album is now circulating all over the place.

Although a lot are hoping, the Twitter user named Slim Shady News slammed the hopes of the many. “Yes, that date Eminem writes on his hand, It's probably "April 9" but there's NO WAY it's the release date of his next album,” he said.

The 7-Eleven series

Adding more fuel to the fire, Rosenberg himself captioned their snap with a hashtag 7-Eleven series. He also said that it has been a long while since they last saw each other inside the convenience store. Even though a lot believed that they are working on a new music, the photo’s description might be about the 7-Eleven series that the manager has been doing for quite awhile now.

To recall, he has been capturing snaps inside the grocery store and called it 7-Eleven series.

In fact, in 2014, he captured Eminem’s photo while he was busy getting soft drinks from the Big Gulp machine while another one showed him preparing nachos with cheese and jalapeños.

Another eager fan researched the convenience store’s location and he revealed on his Twitter page that it is located in Ferndale near Eminem’s Effigy Studio.

“The 7-Eleven the new pic of Eminem and Paul was taken at is probably the one literally two minutes walking distance from Effigy Studios,” the fan said.

The coming of new LP

It is not far that the “Lose Yourself” hitmaker will indeed release a new music, but it might be impossible that it will be on the said date. In fact, his Interscope labelmate Kendrick Lamar is the one who will reveal his new LP on the mentioned day.

Also, April 9 came and there is no hint of his new album. But, in October 2016, Eminem revealed that he is actually working on his new LP and to entertain his awaiting fans, he dropped “Campaign Speech” dissing Donald Trump.

This is not the first time that he has been rumored to drop his new music. In fact, there are swirling rumors that he is about to reveal his LP titled “Success” in January with a collaboration with Adele. The famous singer has yet to comment on the issue as of this writing.