Episode 2 of "Doctor Who’" season 10, named “Smile,” is set to follow the adorable yet ultimately evil emoji bots. Bill is set to accompany the Doctor as they head to a town on a distant planet. However, they will shockingly find it empty of colonists. The title for this chapter is “Smile,” and judging from the pics we have got for this episode above, all suggestions are that this may be one of the most delightful episodes of all time.

Sadly, it’s too bad that this is Doctor Who, and with that in mind, we have to think that there is so much more going on here than super-cute emoji bots.

'Doctor Who' Episode 2: news and spoilers

The teaser for this new episode reveals that this is a human planet: "This brand new human settlement is said to hold the mystery of human happiness." However, as they start investigating, they find no lifeforms aside from the cute emoji bots, who communicate via little symbols for eyes. Being of modern times, Bill seems to love the cute tiny robots until the time-travelling duo get a grim discovery of a collection of smiling heads.

The official trailer for "Smile" shows that Bill and the Doctor will not have to look far and wide for people. But what they ultimately discover brings a new revolution to the whole operation. The Doctor opens a pile of grinning skulls and starts to doubt that the emojibots may not be as harmless as they project themselves to be.

Let's see the latest news about the possible abandonment of Peter Capaldi.

Another Doctor for Season 3?

According to a news of EW, the actor's statement was not a surprise since the teaser of the new season shows the iconic golden light of "regeneration" that normally means the end of this doctor and the beginning of a new one.

"Doctor Who is an excellent job, but it is a bit of a television industry. You do 12 chapters a year, and I just worried that I would not be able to proceed to do my best work,"

You do 12 chapters a year, and I just worried that I would not be able to proceed to do my best work," Capaldi declared. "I like to be able to read the lines and do some preparation and come in and give it the energy and the fun and not reject it.

I just think while you are enjoying it, go." Episode 2 of "Doctor Who" season 10, titled “

Episode 2 of "Doctor Who" season 10, titled “Smile,” will air on BBC on Saturday, April 22. It was written by Frank Cottrell and directed by Lawrence Gough and it will be succeeded by chapter 3, named “Thin Ice,” directed by Bill Anderson that will air on April 29. Keeps on following us for the latest news and further spoilers on 'Doctor Who' season 10.