Former “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller is obviously having a difficult time handling her impending Jail Time. The 50-year old choreographer was a complete mess at a bar in Los Angeles.

Party crashing

At a party for the “What Happens At The Abbey” season premiere in West Hollywood, California, Abby Lee Miller was there past the closing of the event’s red carpet. The former “Dance Moms” diva was alone without any PR people. Literally speaking, she was the last person to arrive at the event. The famous dance teacher caused a scene when she started barking out orders, a classic Abby trait.

Miller even told people what she wanted to be done and instructed paparazzi not to take photos.

Things got a whole lot messier when she reached the venue for the TV series’ season premiere party. Several onlookers reported that the behavior of the reality show star worsened. Some said that something was wrong with her. Miller even threw some free drinks at the bar. After creating a scene and attracting attention from the people at the party, she got out of there quickly. Prior to the season premiere of “What Happens at the Abbey,” Miller was seen wearing a shirt that read, “Drinks well with others,” however, the opposite thing happened. She got drunk, and was clearly coping with her recent sentencing in a bad way.

Jail time

The dance guru still cannot accept the fact that she is about to be imprisoned for one year and one day. After serving her jail time, she will face two years of supervised release. Having been found guilty on multiple counts of fraud, the court ordered Miller to pay the fine of $40,000 and an additional $10,000. She is worried as well, thinking that she might be raped while in prison.

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No support from her co-stars

Abby Lee Miller is devastated with her present situation, while her co-stars on the Lifetime reality series have been seen celebrating. Reportedly, the rest of the women on the show were seen popping a bottle of champagne at a bar. In a post shared by Kelly Hyland, she, along with Christi Zook Lukasiak, Dawn Check, and Diane Pent, had a celebratory drink and had their glasses raised for a toast.

The photo had the caption: “Who is the happiest???” The fans of “Dance Moms” were surprised when the jail-bound celebrity announced that she would permanently depart from the show. Despite the shocking announcement, there is still a possibility that Abby Lee Miller might return to the show once she is done serving her sentence.