After one and a half year of bankruptcy fraud trial, the “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to one year and one day imprisonment. It will be followed by another two years of supervised release. While the star is already prepared of spending her time in jail, however, like everyone else, she is afraid of how she will be treated inside the institution.

The case, verdict, fines

After the widely documented courtroom drama, she admitted that she made a mistake and she has to face its consequence. In October 2015, during the Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, Miller was charged with attempting to hide her income from her Lifetime series together with its spin-off, “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” and several other projects.

It all summed up to $775,000, which was allegedly hidden under secret bank accounts.

Furthermore, she was also accused of divvying $120,000 to her friends and letting them carry it in their luggage, which happened in August 2014. The 50-year old reality star violated a law that mandates people to report if they carry with them and traveling to the US, more than $10,000 of foreign currency. She then agreed to forfeit this amount in January. Aside from imprisonment, she will also pay $40,000 additional fine along with $120,000 pay to judgment and provide a DNA sample in accordance to the felony charged to her.

Financial struggles

Despite her rising reality TV stardom, Miller was experiencing financial struggles for many years.

There were instances that sheriffs would come to the studio and post notices that it will be closed due to unpaid taxes. She was battling with $400,000 worth of unpaid tax when she filed bankruptcy in 2010. The “Dance Mom” star continued to promote her show. She even requested permission to have business trips to London on February 16 to 20 and on February 21 to Newcastle, England.

While Abby Lee Miller admitted her mistake and showed the willingness to take the punishment, still she had some apprehensions of what could possibly happen to her inside the prison. She is afraid that she might get abused physically and sexually. In order to prevent her thoughts in dwelling at her ill-fated situation, she makes herself busy.

Miller insisted that she is a victim of real estate policies when she is under the subprime mortgage crises, which started in 2007. She decided to declare bankruptcy instead of seeking financial help. She realized later on that it was the worst thing she could ever do, not only for her career and the people around her but to herself as well. In March, Abby Lee Miller announced her leave from “Dance Moms, ”.” and she initiated it with a firing statement on Instagram, pertaining to the producers of the show but Lifetime did not make any comment about it. She was then replaced by Cheryl Burke from “Dancing With The Stars.”