Those who follow Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart news know there have been talks about the possibility of a reboot for the “Twilight” franchise a lot as of late. For years, Kristen has been pretty adamant about the fact that she was not interested in a reboot of the series.

Why wasn’t Kristen interested in a reboot?

For years, Kristen has shown absolutely no interest in a reboot of the “Twilight Saga” because she didn’t like how much of her life the movies consumed. Stewart has always been a relatively private person and this movie caused her to get a lot more attention from reporters and paparazzi than she really wanted.

Robert Pattinson is interested in a reboot

Robert Pattinson previously revealed during an interview that he would be interested in a reboot of the saga. He talked about how interesting he thought it would be to do a spin-off that focused on Edward’s character. This news came as somewhat of a shock for “Twilight” fans as Robert had also been pretty adamant about his lack of interest in a reboot or spin-off of the saga.

Kristen is now interested too

Kristen, however, appears to be singing a slightly different tune as she claims to have an interest in rebooting “Twilight.” Stewart, however, claims she has one condition to following through. She needs the reboot of the saga not to interfere with her personal life and the other things she has going on in her career.

Basically, Stewart does not want a reboot of “Twilight” to consume her life the way the first five movies did.

How could a reboot be possible?

As far as the possibility of a “Twilight” reboot is concerned, there are a few different possibilities. For starters, a lot of fans have wanted to see a spin-off with Jacob and Edward and Bella’s daughter once she’s grown up.

Some have also expressed an interest in a spin-off just retelling the story of “Twilight” from Edward’s point of view instead of Bella’s. While it would basically be the same story, it would be pretty cool to see how things play out from Edward’s perspective.

Naturally, fans of the “Twilight Saga” are elated by the idea of a reboot.

The production company behind the original “Twilight” movies has also said – on record – several times that they would be more than willing to produce additional movies from the thrilling vampire saga. After all, what production company wouldn’t want to produce more movies of a saga that has made them so much money? The real question is – would you go see a “Twilight” reboot?