The look of the powerhouse musicians who comprise The Record Company doesn't typify the image of the old blues masters, but don't be fooled. Vocalist, guitarist, and slide guitar slayer Chris Vos, bassist Alex Stiff, and drummer Mark Cazorla pack a punch not seen in any musical trio since the arrival of ZZ Top to the scene. Like the “little old band from Texas,” The Record Company has proven its combined chops up and down the road, one gig at a time since their start six years ago. Transportation is much more accommodating now, but the boys have kept the same passion they had from the beginning when they were packed inside a minivan.

Blues for breakfast

The following for the band has stayed faithful and grown, and a Grammy nomination for their debut, “Give It Back to You” keeps the tour schedule even tighter. With a sound that draws from the roots of the blues and rock, sprinkled with the passion of early punk, The Record Company has captured the souSl from the South's cradle of the blues on their streets of LA. The threesome performed a powerful sampling of their blues-rock mix on “Saturday Sessions” for May 20 on “CBS This Morning.”

Reading through the band’s posts on their official website will confirm how glad these guys feel to have a bus like a headliner for their many sold-out dates in progress. Watching them power into “Off the Ground,” the first of the songs for the morning, will convince any listener that their roots are as real as ever.

Chris Vos used to worry that his guitars would crash onto the road from the top of a vehicle. His slide guitar bears the signs of being cherished that only a musician can bestow. The paint and varnish have long since worn away, and curves are splintered in the wood. The “sweet spots” for his hands are designated by favored discoloration.

Every bit of that affection comes through every slide and pluck, and the instrument rests on his lap like a beloved child, as artistry and authenticity rage through the raucous verses.

Two more to go

Cazorla’s driving drumbeat and Stiff’s harmonica set off “Baby I’m Broken,” with Vos taking to traditional electric guitar on this one.

The “take me back” tune makes no pretense of poetry, but the sheer exuberance of Vos and Cazorla giving their all is an utter delight and has to be a great point in any live performance.

The Record Company topped off the set with more slide guitar, a southern mood, and a soulful love song on “Feels So Good.” With “Rita Mae,” the jukebox and joined bodies become tangible in this tempting treat. Like the Rolling Stones, The Record Company’s sound pays respect to the blues. Chris Vos insists “we’re a rock 'n roll band and we love the blues.” He doesn't dare put his band alongside John Lee Hooker or Muddy Waters, but his band’s special style in mixing a blues-rock concoction is unavoidably tasty.