Chris Soules has found himself in a world of trouble. Back in April, he was involved in a fatal accident. This has consumed headlines over the last three weeks and changed his plans for the summer. Soules was reportedly drinking, though there is no evidence that supports that claim. Unfortunately, there is a huge legal mess he has to deal with and the odds are not in his favor.

Chris Soules loses first court battle

Because Chris Soules is being charged with a class D felony, his lawyers are trying to pull out all the stops. They filed a motion to dismiss the charges on May 1st, and it looks like their answer was granted today by an Iowa judge.

According to Us Weekly, Chris Soules motion to dismiss was denied. This means he will be going to trial over the accident and will likely face jail time for his role in the fatal crash. The former "Bachelor" star changed his life with the decisions he made leading up to the accident back in April. Now, he is looking at being a convicted felon and that changes everything.

The accident happened on April 24th on a rural road. It wasn't late in the evening, it happened around sundown. The reports indicated that Chris Soules ran into the tractor Kenneth Mosher was driving. The impact caused the tractor and the truck to go off the road, leaving Mosher critically injured. Unfortunately, the outcome was bad.

Mr. Mosher died shortly after being brought to the hospital.

Chris Soules knew the victim

Kenneth Mosher was someone Chris Soules and his family knew. They chose not to attend the service for Mr. Mosher because of the circumstances but they did release a statement about the horrible tragedy. Soules did try and help at the scene and was the person who called for help after the crash.

The 911 call was leaked, and it was definitely Soules who identified himself as the caller. While it was an absolutely horrible accident, it appears that Chris' attorneys are going to try hard to make sure he is acquitted.

Everything changed in the blink of an eye for Chris Soules. The "Bachelor" star had reportedly been planning to attend "Bachelor in Paradise" later this summer.

This was leaked when Soules had to surrender his passport to avoid leaving the country until the trial was handled. Fans were shocked that he was even attending the show and now, he is in Iowa wearing an ankle monitor. As Chris Soules waits to hear his fate, his entire life is on hold until the trial is over.