The news came out this morning that Chris Soules of "The Bachelor" was arrested after being involved in an accident that left the other driver dead. When the original reports came out, nobody knew if alcohol was involved or what caused the accident to happen. Now new reports are coming out that share other details in the deadly crash that went down on Monday night involving a truck and a tractor.

Chris Soules heads to court

Chris Soules was arrested after this accident for allegedly leaving the scene of the accident. Court documents show that police found alcohol containers in the truck that Soules was driving at the time of the wreck.

Soules is charged with leaving the scene of a fatal crash. There was a bond set of $10,000 this morning when he went to court. So far, it has not been confirmed if he was drinking and he hasn't been charged with anything else that has been revealed.

The crash report shared that Chris Soules of "The Bachelor" was involved in this accident around 8:30 p.m. last night. Both the tractor and truck ended up in the ditch, but the driver of the tractor died in the accident. Documents say that Chris was the one driving the truck, but that he left the scene of the accident before the police could get there.Witnesses even identified him leaving the area after the wreck. It is unknown at this time why Chris wouldn't stick around for the police to arrive.

Chris Soules has been in trouble for his driving in the past. He has had various tickets plus an arrest for an OWI in 2005, registration violation in 2010, unlawful use of license in 2002 and also an open container charge in 2001. At this time, it has not been revealed if Chris Soules was able to bond out of jail. He hasn't given any kind of statement to his Fans so far, but everyone wants to hear Chris give his side of the story.

He has never been shy about the fact that he enjoys a drink now and then.

Chris found love with Whitney Bischoff on the show, but things didn't work out for them in the end. Ever since then, Chris has been single, or if he has been dating anyone, then he hasn't shared who it was and has kept this person away from the spotlight.

He has been on a few reality shows.

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