Cliffhanger Friday was explosive on today's episode of "The Young and the Restless." Yesterday, Chloe knocked out best friend Chelsea, courtesy of a hit to the head with a lamp. When Chelsea regains consciousness, she reveals to the stunned wedding guests that Chloe is responsible for Adam's death. The reactions were as varied as the people in attendance.

The response

Kevin, the jilted bridegroom, was shocked and in denial, as was his almost-mother-in-law Esther, mother of Chloe. Scott, Kevin's nephew through marriage was calling for facts and hard evidence, as he had never seen the wrath of Chloe.

Chelsea, (whose spouse Chloe murdered) was all over the place. She was demanding that Chloe be found and prosecuted, all based on the fact that her friend was keeping her dead spouse Adam's ring.

Devon was calm and just taking it all in. Mariah has her mind on the best angle for a story for G.C, Buzz. Gloria downplays how elated she is that her son is rid of Chloe. On the other side of town, Victor is enjoying time with Nikki, with no idea his world is about to take a horrendous turn. Nick has no idea the truth is out. He is wondering what can be done to bring down Chloe, who is driving fast and furious trying to make her getaway

The Cliffhanger Friday shocker

When daytime drama's tease week after week and never deliver, fans become disconnected.

Each time it seems as if a villain will get what's coming, but they don't it's disappointing. When, however, you get several big reveals within a few days, it makes up for all the waiting. Chelsea finding Adam's wedding band, Chloe admitting she set the explosion, and Chelsea revealing the truth to the wedding guests is nothing compared to the big reveal at the end of the episode.

Victor gets a call that interrupts his evening with Nikki. Nick ends up following Chloe in his vehicle, He watches as she stops at an industrial area. It's dark and a little foggy, as Chloe exists her car and walks towards a building. A tall man walks out of the shadows, his face obscured by the darkness. He and Chloe begin talking, and Nick realizes that the mystery man is none other than his father, Victor Newman.

In that moment the look on his face lets the viewing audience know that Nick has realized a portion of the truth. Without explicit details, Nicholas Newman knows that his father had some part to play in the explosion that caused the death of his half-brother Adam.