It's time to hang up the badge and to keep the gun off as Sophia Bush confirms her departure from "Chicago Pd." She has been the second Lead Star to leave the NBC cop drama series after four seasons of being part of it. To recall, Matt Olmstead, the co-creator of the series, has also left the series in March. The lead female star has been on the show since "Chicago PD," a spinoff series of "Chicago Fire," started.

Bush hasn't revealed reasons behind departure

"Chicago PD" episodes center on Bush's character. She has been known as Detective Erin Lindsay, who is on the verge of working on FBI in New York.

To recall, the series season 4 finale already hinted the possible exit of the actress. The finale episode apparently ended with a cliffhanger showing Lindsay standing on the bridge while trying to ignore Jay's call. Meanwhile, reports claim that her decision to leave the series is her personal decision. Nonetheless, the actress hasn't revealed yet the reason for doing so.

Further, there are also speculations that she can still reprise her role in season 5. However, that is still a theory we are not sure of if it will happen. On the other hand, there are also speculations that suggest that the network will bring a new and prominent cast member in the series although, "Chicago PD" still has to stick with their original casts. As of now, NBC and Bush declined to make comments about it.

Actress' departure, a loss for the entire franchise?

Bush's character as Detective Erin has been playing a vital role in the "Chicago PD" series. Apparently, her absence from the scenes will be a total loss for the franchise. It will be interesting to know how the series will move on without her character.

To recall, the actress has appeared in 22 episodes in total for both "Chicago" series and "Law & Order SVU." She has been considered as one of the tough performers in "Chicago PD" since it is seldom for a female actress to be included in the series.

Often, the show has been dominated by male cast members and crew.

For the duration of its run, there have been significant changes made on the show. The series has replaced its long-time executive producer Mark Tinker with Eriq LaSalle. And apparently, Bush's departure is another change that the production has to deal with.

Meanwhile, apart from being a tough actress, Bush has been devoting her time to charity works, environmental activities, and gender and social equality causes.

Basically, this has been her primary focus for the meantime.

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