Michelle Duggar of the “19 Kids and Counting” fame has revealed something amazing at the Duggar Family official Facebook page. Mother’s Day has just passed by and what she revealed proved how dedicated and godly she is as a mother of 20 Children.

Michelle Duggar posted a lengthy post where she reminisced the times when her children were very young. She wrote that when they were young, she would feed and care for them. But as they age, their roles change but her guidance, encouragement, and correction continue to be with them.

Michelle Duggar has never stopped praying for her children since they were born

In a post dated May 16 that was in time for Mother’s Day, she revealed that there is one thing she never stopped doing for all her children – praying. She continued to write, “As they grow up, they may not need you in the same way they did as sweet little newborns but there is something so very important that doesn't change. You can still pray for them.”

The kind-hearted, godly mother continued to share that the roles of mothers change as the children grow but their prayers remain the same and will continue forever. She reiterated that there is nothing more important than prayers and they reassure her soul and comfort her heart that a mother’s prayer never stops.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar produced responsible children

Indeed, Michelle Duggar with the help of her husband nurtures her children towards maturity. In fact, she was once proud to share that her children help in the household chores. Proof of which is a photo shared on their Facebook page dated May 26 where three of her children are washing the dishes.

In the Duggar Family Scrapbook, there were entries on each child’s info (except for the married ones who have homes of their own) jurisdiction and duty in the home. The Duggar family, big as it is, is never difficult to manage because all the children are lending their hands to accomplish things.

Michelle Duggar is being credited by friends and social media followers for the good and upright upbringing of her children.

But of course, there is one who seems to deviate from his mother’s discipline but he is now facing the consequences of his actions – Josh Duggar.

Her children are all submissive to her house rules. She and her husband Jim Bob Duggar even impose rules for dating and courting which her children diligently follow. Her children respect her and their father especially in their choice of their life partners. Michelle Duggar's daughters are perfect replicas of their mother. Aside from bearing children, they are also good homemakers and submissive wives.