“Chicago Fire” fans are extremely worried for Severide. They know that he doesn’t deal with grief very well, but now he is going to have to. He has lost the woman that he loves to cancer but needs to return to work. Will he be able to keep his cool when in a terrifying situation?

The promo for this week’s episode doesn’t give too much away. We learn that there is definitely a new member of the team and Severide will need to put his loss of Anna to one side when he attends to a call.

Jason Kannell joining ‘Chicago Fire’

The biggest news is that Squad 3 will get a new member of the team.

Jason Kannell was offered a position at the house when he admitted that he didn’t want to completely give up being a fire fighter. Kannell first appeared last week, when he attended a gas leak call. After a gas explosion turned out to be the fault of a fallen fireman, Kannell took the blame and almost lost his job.

Instead of allowing Kannell to take the fall, Casey and Boden worked together to find another way around the situation. However, Kannell was reeling from the loss of three firefighters; men he worked closely with. Initially done with the Chicago Fire Department completely, the former lieutenant decided that he just couldn’t go back to Firehouse 53.

Now he will join Squad 3 under Severide’s command.

This could create some issues. We saw in “Fire” season 4 that Severide struggled to go from leader to member of the team. He found it difficult not to order men around, and Kannell may find the same issue.

Cruz suffers some potential legal trouble

Another issue from this week crops up in the next “Chicago Fire” season 5 episode.

Cruz was fired from his job at a bar for physically throwing a drunk patron out. That physicality led to the drunk patron suffering an injury and it looks like that will come back to haunt Cruz.

Mouch will be needed as the union rep for the firefighters. It will be up to him to help Cruz keep his job for the off-duty incident.

This won’t be the first time a firefighter has faced losing their job for an off-duty incident. However, it looks like this one may be tricky and Cruz will need all the help he can get.

Meanwhile, Gabi Dawson will get a visit from her father. The last time he was seen was after sharing with the whole family that he was divorcing his wife. Antonio and Gabi were devastated by the news, believing that their parents were in an extremely happy marriage. What could he want now?

“Chicago Fire” season 5 continues on Tuesday at 10 p.m. on NBC. There are just two episodes left this season.