Mike Fleiss has been teasing a new show coming from "The Bachelor, " and the news is here. Hollywood Life shared the details today about Mike's new show called "The Bachelor Winter Games" and what the fans can expect from it. This is going to be a must-see series that you do not want to miss.

What is this new show coming to be about?

This new show "The Bachelor Winter Games" will make you think about "Bachelor Pad" all over again. It isn't set to air until February of 2018.This will take past contestants from the show, nd they will go to an amazing winter resort.

It won't be just about finding love either. This show is going to also be about the contestants doing “winter-themed athletic challenges." Now, they are also hoping that a few love connections will happen at this time as well.

They haven't shared yet if they can win money from this show like they did on "Bachelor Pad" or if it is just about finding love. Regardless, the fans are excited about another show with their favorites that have already gone home from "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" without finding love. Since it is about finding love as well, it sounds like they will only be bringing on the people who are still single, but that hasn't been confirmed for sure yet.

'Bachelor' shows year round

This basically makes it where viewers can see "Bachelor" shows year round now. It starts out with "The Bachelor" airing every January. Then they take a break and it is time for "The Bachelorette" and then of course "Bachelor in Paradise" in the summer. This show probably won't be taking place of a season of "The Bachelor," and you can assume it will just be an extra show thrown in there as well.

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Fans hate going without their favorite show for a while, so the fact that they can see it more often is a great thing.

There is a lot of speculation about who could do this new show, but the thing is it won't be happening for another year almost. That means who is single will probably change a lot between now and then, so fans will just have to wait it out and see.

Some people who were on past seasons are probably thinking about how they would love the chance to do this show, though.

Are you excited about "The Bachelor Winter Games"? Do you think that this show will be a huge hit? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss this new show "The Bachelor Winter Games" when it starts airing in 2018. You know that if this show goes well it will be around for more than one season for sure.