Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell just revealed that they are over. This couple fell in love on "The Bachelor" and got married. They even went on to do another reality show since then. Ben is moving on and is single once again. Of course, this has fans wondering if he will end up joining "Bachelor in Paradise" or even becoming "The Bachelor" once again. They have brought people back before, so it could end up happening. Now, E! Online is sharing what Chris Harrison has to say about this possibility.

What does Chris Harrison have to say about this idea?

First off, Chris Harrison admits that he is upset that Lauren and Ben weren't able to make their relationship work. He reminded everyone that they are real people as well as someone who everyone watched fall in love on television. Chris Harrison did reach out to them and give him his best. As he shared, they are going through a rough time, but they are also doing it while in the public eye. Lauren already admitted that she is moving back to California, but Ben more than likely will stay in Colorado where his life is at already.

So could Ben Higgins be "The Bachelor" again? Chris said, "I did not think that that would be the appropriate time!

Or place. The body's not even cold yet. … It's so premature." Right now, everyone is focused on watching Rachel Lindsay's season, and they may pick one of her guys as "The Bachelor." You never know what Ben could decide to do in the future, but personally, I know that I want to see him find love again.

Does Chris still feel like the show works?

So many people have found love on the show, that Chris Harrison does still feel like it works. He said, "This sounds weird, but that's kind of the beauty of the show in that, this happens. You have two beautiful people who seem perfect for each other and for whatever reason, it doesn't work out.

And we all empathize with that, because we've all been there and been through those crappy breakups. " Chris Harrison does realize that a lot of couples don't make it, but a lot have as well. Plus, "Bachelor in Paradise" has had several couples that worked out and found love on the show.

Do you like the idea of Ben Higgins joining "The Bachelor" again? Do you think he would do better on "Bachelor in Paradise"? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss Rachel Lindsay's journey on "The Bachelorette" when it starts airing on May 22 on ABC. The fans can't wait to see her try to find love and the odds are looking good for Rachel.