If the face of Howard Green on "The Young and the Restless" looks familiar, you are correct. The young man who portrays him is David Alan Faustino. You may remember him because he played the role of Bud Bundy on the FOX hit "Married with Children." His TV parents were Ed O'Neill and Katy Sagal. Faustino began his role as Green in September. He is currently working as a production manager with Hilary Curtis, who owns the G.C. Buzz talk show.

Howard's role is evolving

Initially, Howard was not seen on a regular basis, but his role is changing. This week, he traveled with the Brash and Sassy employees to Hollywood, CA.

There, they shot a commercial featuring Lilly Ashby. On Thursday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Howard was advising his boss Hilary to do a segment on her show with Lilly, the Brash and Sassy spokesmodel. Hilary and Lilly had been sisters-in-law and bitter rivals.

The two women hate each other, so when Victoria Newman suggested the interview, Hilary balked. She was going to turn down the opportunity to talk on-screen with Lilly. She made snide comments and downplayed the success of this face seen around the world. Howard Green saved the day, however. Before Hilary could kill the interview, Howard told Victoria yes. He later explained to Hilary how important this would be for ratings.

Hilary reluctantly agrees and the sit-down with Lilly is a hit.

Little Bud Bundy all grown up on 'The Young and the Restless'

Viewers watched David Faustino grow from a child, to a teen, to a young man on "Married with Children." Bud was satirical and humorous. He was not a lovable character, but one you loved to see get into crazy situations.

Bud could not get dates, and even had an inflatable doll. His sister Kelly was always putting him down, and his parents also made jokes at his expense. It's nice to see Faustino as an adult in a grown-up role. The role of Howard Green is different from that of the son of Al Bundy.

As Howard, Faustino flows wonderfully with Hilary Curtis, and is not intimidated by her diva complex.

Now that Ms Curtis has interviewed her idol Julie Chen, she has stars in her eyes. She believes she can be just as successful, but know she cannot do it alone. Howard would be the perfect companion and confidant. He and Hilary could play off of each other and have a really good platonic relationship. If the writers of "The Young and the Restless" are wise, they will cash in on Faustino's talent.