The musician industry was brought to tear-stained knees as news broke early this morning that Chris Cornell has passed away. A representative of the rock singer confirmed Cornell died on Wednesday night after his performance in Detroit. At this time, his death is currently being investigated as it could be a “possible suicide.”

A family friend discovered him

It was a friend of the family that went to check on Cornell at midnight on Thursday when the singer was discovered unresponsive and laying on the bathroom floor. The friend immediately called 911.

Emergency medical response individuals arrived and Chris Cornell was pronounced dead on the scene.

Chris was in Detroit because he was performing with Soundgarden as part of a tour that had just kicked off in the U.S. last month. Those close to the rock musician have described his death as “sudden and unexpected.” Both the singers’ wife and his family were shocked to learn the singer had passed away and are working closely with the investigators to determine what happened.

Chris had just performed on Wednesday night before he passed away at the Fox Theater. The rock musician ended his performance by doing a cover of “In My Time Of Dying” by Led Zeppelin. Those close to the singer said the performance was typical and outstanding, with the usual encore.

Musicians everywhere have begun to respond

Chris Cornell was recognized as having “some of the best pipes” in the music industry. He was a frontman for both Soundgarden and Audioslave. He also spent some time collaborating with Pearl Jam as well. As one could imagine, the fans of Cornell’s work are not taking his death well.

Dave Navarro, Jimmy Page, and Nile Rodgers have all taken to Twitter to express their sadness for the loss of this incredible Rock Hero. Some of the responses to his death can be viewed below.

This is just a couple of the many musicians who have taken to Twitter to mourn the loss of the rock hero.

No one saw this coming

Perhaps the most devastating part of this singer’s death is just how unpredictable it was. As little as 17 hours ago, Chris had taken to Twitter to share a picture and note that he had returned to the “Rock City” to perform. His collection of tweets suggested nothing outside of him being a happy musician who was enjoying his career. His most recent tweets include wishing both his wife and his mother a happy Mother’s Day. The tweets certainly don’t resemble that of a man who was down enough to commit suicide. Just what could have changed to cause him to end his life?

It was the Seattle rock scene where Chris Cornell launched his career as a rock hero. He formed the band Soundgarden in 1984 and was a very influential individual during the 1990 grunge movement. This is a man the music industry is going to mourn for a while. Rest in peace Chris Cornell.