Brooke Logan is a woman who lives in a world if indecisiveness. For decades she has found herself torn between two lovers, time and time again. Viewers are not sure why the writers on "The Bold and the Beautiful" craft the show this way, but it is a long standing tradition, and Brooke is not alone in her plight.

History repeats itself for Brooke and others

Decades ago, there was a tug of war between Taylor and Brooke for the affection of Ridge Forrester. This man went back and forth between these two women like a ping pong ball. Engagement, marriage, divorce and reuniting made fans dizzy trying to keep score.

This manner of courting made its way to the next generation, as Brooke's daughter Hope and Taylor's daughter Stephanie both found themselves vying for the affections of Liam Spencer.

Mr. Spencer ended up wed to and divorced from both women. Liam is presently married to Steffy, after wrestling her away from his half- brother Wyatt, who also had been married to Ms. Forrester. Not so long ago, both Spencer brothers were in love with Hope, who eventually left town. Cousin Ivy, who drops in and out from Australia also was romantically involved with both Wyatt and Liam. You really do need a score card to keep up.

Brooke, Ridge and Bill

On Friday's episode, Brooke was dangling her huge Engagement Ring from Dollar Bill Spencer, in the face of Ridge Forrester, whom she was slated to marry only a few weeks ago.

Brooke had previously been married to both men, who each have also been married to her sister, Katy. It's all quite legal but somehow, just does not seem right. These people cross boundaries like no other soap couples to date. Ridge was sitting in Brooke's kitchen, trying his best to get her to come back to him.

A few months back, Ridge went to the home where Bill and Brooke were supposed to say their vows, and pulled the same stunt.

It worked that time because Bill was infuriated that Brooke did not immediately throw the "dress maker" out, so Bill broke off the engagement. By the time he changed his mind, Ridge had convinced Brooke to marry him one more time, Dollar Bill continued to show up at Brooke's place, telling her that Ridge has a history of infidelity and would break her heart.

Mr. Spencer said he would be there to pick up the pieces, and indeed he was, and he did.

Brooke caught Ridge kissing Quinn, who is his father's wife and stepmother to Ridge, the day before their wedding, She broke things off and now, a few weeks later, is wearing the rock that Bill Spencer has been waiting to put on her finger. Ridge continued to plead for another chance, and Bill is confident this time that he and Brooke will marry, and it will be forever. If "The Bold and the Beautiful" history continues to repeat, this long-standing tradition of love triangles will go on and on, possibly into a third generation.